Pietro Brunelli Outlet: all the women's and maternity clothing you need at incredible prices!

We all waited and finally arrived: the designer Pietro Brunelli has finally opened its first outlet in Collegno, being France 66D.

A few days before the official opening, the Collegno outlet is already the new benchmark for expectant mothers across the Turin area : elegant dresses or informal, maternity jeans, tops breastfeeding ...

In the new store are the best pieces from the collection in 2016 and 2017, discounted up to 70% . All expectant mothers in search of the best offers on clothing Maternity now know where to go for their shopping spree session. To accommodate them will find hundreds of heads of first choice, designed and made in Italy with natural fabrics and following the latest trends, for pregnant in style.

In addition, at the outlet of Collegno Pietro Brunelli, is available a wide range of women clothing, suitable for every physical and every context: an important evening, a ceremony, a weekend the sea or in the city. In fact, all the clothes of Peter Brunelli collections are created to dress the woman, even before the mother: the models fit the body and its changes, enhancing the silhouette and working with forms, and not vice versa.

Do not miss the chance to wear exclusive clothes collections Pietro Brunelli at incredible prices: all leaders in outlet Collegno available are discounted by 50% to 70% off the list price, while maintaining the quality and style that have always characterized the brand.

Discover women's fashion and maternity like you've never seen: we are waiting for France during 66D in Collegno, close to Turin.