Maternity underwear: how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy - Pietro Brunelli

During the delicate period of pregnancy and motherhood the breast is transformed, so it is very important to wear a specific bra that fits perfectly to your shape ensuring optimal support to avoid the formation of stretch marks and any problems related to breastfeeding.

specific bra for breastfeeding from the eighth month of pregnancy. At this stage the breast is unlikely to increase in volume, the important thing is that you choose a comfortable model that does not compress, precisely so as not to alter the flow of milk.

Why wear specific underwear for pregnancy?

Pietro Brunelli is in constant search of innovative design and cutting-edge materials for all its boutiques. For maternity underwear he has select the brand Cache Coeur comfortable and elegant that seeks innovative fabrics such as natural cellulose fiber, to protect the delicate skin of the future mother from annoying allergies and irritations.

The bras selected by Pietro Brunelli are equipped with:

- Ultra-soft microfiber cups without seams and with anatomical cut , which supports the breast and accompanies it during growth;

- Elastic back with 4 adjustments for maximum comfort and stability;

- Practical clip system that facilitates breastfeeding operations by allowing the mother to "open and close" the cups with one hand;

- Elegant shape and innovative design that allows you to wear dresses or tops with deep necklines;

- Hypo-allergenic microfibre fabric with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static function.

Pietro Brunelli has selected the Cache Coeur lingerie with the intent to best accompany the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding, with functional garments that at the same time enhance femininity and sensuality, making every future mother feel "woman". .

Pietro Brunelli once again proves to be an all-round maternity stylist, attentive to the problems of pregnancy, dressing expectant mothers with joy and style.

We are waiting for you in our boutique in Milan in Via Fiori Chiari 5 to discover the New Underwear Maternity line.