Beauty tips: taking care of yourself during pregnancy


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Pregnancy is an emotional moment, often accompanied by a series of "categorical" rules that the future mother-to-be tries to follow diligently.

These nine months can put a strain on your physique, but there's an easy way to take care of yourself while you're waiting without stress. Starting with natural skin oils and ending with sophisticated outfits, the only keyword is to listen and love your body. Not an imposed rule, which brings with it renouncement and commitments, but a cuddle to give yourself every day to feel good inside and out.

Physical activity and massages: listen to your body

Your body is talking to you, listen to it: allow yourself to rest when you feel the need, sleep a few more hours and move when you want to.

What's right for you? With yoga you stretch your sore limbs, prevent back pain, learn to breathe well and sleep better. If your worry is swollen and heavy legs, water aerobics, with its gentle movements and the massaging action of water, is the best solution to eliminate water retention and deflate the ankles. If, on the other hand, you feel restless and full of energy, take many walks in the nature: they will give you a great inner calm.

The extra pampering: after a lukewarm shower gently massage the body, the breasts, and especially the belly with a natural sweet almond oil. Your skin will become softer, more elastic and responsive to the big changes that await it.

Beautiful inside: herbal teas and good food in pregnancy

Eat a variety of foods, take all the nutrients correctly, favour seasonal fruit and vegetables, avoid snacks, sweets and fizzy drinks: all good rules to follow while waiting, but also afterwards. Learning to listen to your body and understand what it needs really makes a difference. Eating well is a pleasure, but above all a source of well-being for you and your child, as well as drinking lots of water: it will give you more energy than a drink.

The extra pampering: ask your doctor and herbalist for advice on herbal teas or supplements to combat fatigue, intestinal problems and insomnia.

Beautiful outside: the new collection by Pietro Brunelli

How many times has buying a new dress made you feel better? Always! The first move to make to feel good with yourself even during pregnancy is to maintain your personality and style, enhancing the new curves and preferring natural fabrics.

Maternity clothing Spring Summer 2024

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The extra pampering: elegant clothes, make-up and, if you feel like it, wear a pair of heels without a real occasion. You'll feel beautiful and sexy, even with a big belly!

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