A friend who's expecting? With Pietro Brunelli the Christmas gift is more elegant than ever!

Christmas is approaching and the race for the perfect gift is playing. The refinement and qualità100% Made in Italy of leaders Pietro Brunelli account for perfect Christmas present in fashion maternity and beyond, with a great choice of styles and templates : from the most classic and elegant lines to the more festive and fashionable.

A unique and special Christmas to be attractive during pregnancy.

heads of maternity range Pietro Brunelli have always been among the most popular gifts from new mothers because, in addition to being chic, elegant and comfortable, dress the most of all the stages of pregnancy gently adapting the forms of future mothers and making them feel beautiful and sensual even in such a sensitive time. With the refined details and chic design of the clothes Maternity Pietro Brunelli Christmas pregnant will buy a particular magic and will always remain a wonderful memory to share with loved ones.

For a Christmas shopping which offers fantastic gifts we expect you in our boutique in Milan in Via Fiori Chiari 5 and in all the world famous department stores.