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Pietro Brunelli's collection of Maternity jackets, coats and cardigans crafted from premium fabrics is an embodiment of style and refinement.

This collection has been designed to enhance the beauty and elegance of expectant women, using precious materials that gently embrace the growing body with softness and comfort. Each garment is a work of textile craftsmanship, with a keen eye for detail and a focus on quality, making each piece a statement of style.

Maternity Jackets in Premium Fabrics: Supreme Elegance and Comfort

Pietro Brunelli's maternity jackets in premium fabrics are a fusion of supreme elegance and comfort. These garments are made from high-quality materials that delicately embrace the growing body, offering an unparalleled sense of luxury and comfort. The collection offers a variety of styles, from the classic tweed jacket for a sophisticated look to the irresistible cashmere jacket for ultimate comfort.

Luxurious Maternity Cardigans: Wrapping in Softness and Style

Pietro Brunelli's luxurious maternity cardigans are designed to envelop expectant women with a perfect blend of softness and style. Crafted from precious fabrics, these garments provide unmatched comfort and a refined aesthetic. They are ideal for layering over other garments or wearing on their own. The collection includes cardigans in cashmere, merino wool, and other premium fabrics to cater to even the most discerning needs.

Durability and Lasting Beauty

Each jacket and cardigan in this collection is a work of art in high-quality weaving. The quality of materials and meticulous attention to detail ensure exceptional durability. These pieces will not only be a style statement during pregnancy but will become iconic additions to the long-term wardrobe.

Uncompromising Elegance

Pietro Brunelli's collection of maternity jackets and cardigans in premium fabrics represents an offering of uncompromising style for expectant women. With a selection of high-quality fabrics and a fit tailored specifically for the growing body, each piece is a statement of luxury and refinement. The beauty and longevity of the precious materials make this collection a perfect choice for women who desire timeless and sophisticated looks during pregnancy.

KATE | Grey Maternity BlazerGiacca Premaman perfetta per il look da ufficio

Pietro Brunelli Maternity

KATE | Grey Maternity Blazer

KATE | Grey Maternity Office PantsPantalone Premaman da Ufficio Grigio

Pietro Brunelli Maternity

KATE | Grey Maternity Office Pants

JANE BLAZER | Soft Pink Maternity BlazerJANE BLAZER | Soft Pink Maternity Blazer

Pietro Brunelli Maternity

JANE BLAZER | Soft Pink Maternity Blazer

MACY | Beige Mesh CardiganMACY | Beige Mesh Cardigan

Pietro Brunelli Milano

MACY | Beige Mesh Cardigan

MACY | White Maternity Mesh CardiganCardigan Premaman a Rete Bianco con Bottoni

Pietro Brunelli Maternity

MACY | White Maternity Mesh Cardigan

MACY | Sky Blue Mesh CardiganCardigan Azzurro con Bottoni

Pietro Brunelli Milano

MACY | Sky Blue Mesh Cardigan


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