Pregnancy and receptions: the 4 rules for choosing maternity dresses for ceremonies


The summer season brings good mood and mood to celebrate: this is the perfect time of year to organize a reception for an important event, and here along with the gardens bloom invitations to weddings , baptisms and other important events.

If you're looking for the perfect outfit for a special occasion, here are the tips of the designer Pietro Brunelli to participate in the summer ceremonies pregnant , without forgetting style and elegance.

The rules for choosing a maternity dress suit

If you think that motherhood could be a limit to your elegance, you're wrong. Your new forms can become a strength if exploited with cuts and fabrics that will emphasize your femininity.

When choosing your maternity wedding dress always keep in mind a few simple rules and you will be perfect for any occasion:

1) Always remember your style. It is true that during pregnancy the body changes, but this does not mean that your taste should do: follow your instincts and always seeks the right balance between elegance and comfort.

2) Choose soft, natural fabrics , so your skin (in this very delicate moment) will always be safe, although the celebrations continue into the night.

3) Do not forget your body ever : If before being pregnant would never wear a mini-dress, why would you do now?

4) Whatever the choice, match it to comfortable shoes , because if already normally is difficult to arrive at night with heels, imagine now with even your child's weight!

The clothes maternity wedding of Peter Brunelli

Among the many leaders of the new 2019 collection by Peter Brunelli, you will definitely find the right outfit for every occasion: if you're pregnant and you're invited to a wedding or other formal event, you just have to select the wedding dress that for you and impress all the guests.

 Thames chiffon dress in


Choose short dress with soft lines if you want to highlight the belly and show off your legs while you can opt for a long dress maternity silk if you expect an evening party or if you want to focus on playing cleavage to make the diva of the past.

For an extremely sophisticated outfit, which leaves nothing to chance, wearing the ' clothes Salzburg , the great classic Made in Italy also chose celebrities from overseas to celebrate motherhood is available in many colors, including white and the elegant ' blue timeless.


Finally, if you want to be sure to be the center and are looking for a Impact dress , you can opt for more vibrant shades or floral prints that enhance the silhouette with elegance and which perfectly fits in with the colors of the summer.

Verbena maternity wedding dress


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