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Breastfeeding Sweatshirts and Tops 

Maternity fashion is a concrete need for future mothers, who even after giving birth need to find trendy and comfortable clothes to be able to breastfeed their baby at any time. Pietro Brunelli is always attentive to all women's needs, which is why he has studied a line of nursing tops that combine style and practicality, without compromise.

Nursing sweaters are extremely comfortable, practical, and elegant garments, a valid alternative to the usual sweaters thanks to small but strategic precautions: overlapping fabrics, cuts, and hidden zips between the seams facilitate opening, allowing maximum discretion, without ever having to give up on style. The nursing tops are made with quality material that does not pose a risk to the baby and does not cause irritation to the mother's skin and are also designed to be worn even during pregnancy, to be exploited to the fullest.

A few items are enough for a mother's wardrobe ready to face breastfeeding with a smile and with the style that Pietro Brunelli has designed for all mothers who want to be fashionable before, during and after motherhood.

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