Pregnant at Christmas: how to deal with the Holidays during pregnancy


Christmas is approaching and finally this year we'll be able to celebrate with our friends and family. In the meantime, your bump is growing rapidly, your joy is increasing and maybe a little bit of tiredness as well. Expecting a baby is a magical moment, but there are times of the year like this one where it can get stressful. Here are 4 useful pieces of advice to make your pregnancy in the Christmas time unforgettable.

Maternity Dressed to celebrate Christmas


1. How to announce your pregnancy for Christmas

The pregnancy is confirmed and the first three months, made of incredulity and uncertainty, are far behind you: the moment to announce the good news to everyone has finally arrived! Why not take advantage of this special time to share your joy with all your relatives and friends during the Christmas' lunch... maybe wearing a "Boy or girl" sweater. Let your imagination run free and impress all your beloved ones.

Maternity Sweater


2. Christmas' lunch and dinner: a few sacrifices, a lot of enjoyment

Days spent sitting around the table with delicious food, desserts and sparkling wines: Christmas is a time where you have to face the culinary temptations daily and it's really hard to resist! Pregnancy forces you to have a certain control on what you eat but without giving up good food. For those that risk toxoplasmosis, keep on avoiding charcuterie, raw or barely cooked meats and thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits (adding baking soda). Avoid also raw eggs (you can find them in mayonnaise and home-made mousses), raw fish and desserts full of refined sugars. They may seem like big sacrifices but they're actually not: go ahead and have some well cooked meat and fish, pasta, vegetables and beans... Everything can be seasoned and cooked in an elaborate way, the only thing to keep in mind is to not go too far with the servings to avoid feeling heavy. But this piece of advice should apply to everyone: the keyword is always balance. Enjoy a slice of panettone (or pandoro)... and the sparkling wine? It's better to wait for a while just having a symbolic and well-deserved toast (without giving in to temptation).


Manternity Skirts for Christmas


3. How to handle preparations, gifts and parties during Christmas time

Don't be scared to admit it: during pregnancy, your body needs some extra rest. However, during the Christmas holidays, everything seems to get more complicated: shopping for gifts, going to the supermarket, cooking for hours. If you already feel tired just by thinking about it, here's the solution: learn how to delegate to someone else, without feeling guilty. Your relatives, partner and friends will be happy to cook, run errands and spoil you in this very special time. And for the gifts? There are many solutions: buy them online while comfortably lying on your sofa or make an appointment with the stores that offer this kind of service.

4. Christmas and New Year's with Pietro Brunelli Maternity: elegance while you're expecting

One of the most enjoyable parts of the Christmas holidays is not only eating good food and spending time with our beloved ones, but also spoiling and taking care of ourselves, maybe with some sophisticated clothes to celebrate all the changes that the new year is going to bring. Traditionally, Christmas and New Year's are perfect moments to show off formal looks embellished with special details that enhance your new curves and don't forget to capture them with some pictures that you will be able to keep as a wonderful memory!

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