Discover which type of mom you are: Elegant and Sophisticated? Feminine and romantic? Practical and Chic?

Mother Day is a unique opportunity to celebrate, why not usher in the festivities already during pregnancy? For example, renewing the look for summer , or letting yourself be pampered by a elegant new dress That Shakes the new shapes, softer ... The reasons to celebrate and no shortage shopping, you know, is the best gift that any woman pregnant can do to itself.

1. For an elegant and sophisticated Mom
Elegance is woman! and is the result of a natural balance between simplicity, self-care and personality.

The elegant woman knows how to live in the simplicity of everyday life because elegance regards the interior style of a person . A woman who finds the right way to position themselves in the environment is always a refined, elegant and sophisticated.

Each item is chosen to its Style and its Identity , embellished and made unique by style details , prints and patterns like timeless polka dots combined together with original on soft tissues and fluids.

Dark on light, light on dark, distributed in a symmetric or asymmetric, the dots refer to a playful femininity and retro and are capable of liven up any kind of look and are well suited to give that touch of sophisticated to modern moms . < a href = "" target = "_ blank" rel = "noopener noreferrer">


2. For a feminine and romantic Mom

The romantic style is synonymous with femininity . A dress made of pastel colors , floral prints , and soft lines for those women who like dream through fashion .

The romantic look is ideal for ceremonies , occasions when it favored the use of candied colors from powder pink to cream to beige in combination with nude-colored shoes.

The lines are soft , the fine fabrics like silk , organza or shinier materials . For the evening, many outfits discover the shoulders and the neckline and embellished with frills and ruffles giving a romantic allure at each step.


3. For a practical mom and chic

The concept of casual chic woman is declinable in many variants, an expression of the personality and style of each woman.

Being chic is a detail , is a way of walking, talking, aptitude that you can perfectly express in a more casual way < / strong>.

Heads indispensable to be practical women and chic are certainly jeans or pants capri , a blazer and a white shirt . All accompanied with a pair of sneakers.


4. For a mother with character

Women have an inexhaustible source of emotional strength: to show it does not resort to expressions of superiority, but they do it through some recognizable gestures and Choosing the right look decisive and determined .

In the closet of each of us there, a special look . Whether it's a dress, a shirt or a pair of pants, all we have other heads that make us feel good and give us security , and it is on this outfit that aim When you want to impress .

choice color is very important, such as a > little black dress matched with a pair of heels makes you feel special by giving impetus to the silhouette. Another winning color is the blue, declined in all its shades . Symbol of harmony and balance, instills calm and security.


When choose our look we have to remember that the clothes we wear speak of us , tell all the secrets of our character. Of course, not everyone is able to decode the message that lies behind the choice of an item of clothing, but on an unconscious level, each dress conveys a precise feeling and this means that is seized by most people.