How To Dress During Pregnancy

Maternity looks for vacation
  1. When to start buying maternity clothes
  2. How to calculate your maternity size
  3. How to dress in pregnancy month by month
  4. How to dress in pregnancy for a ceremony
  5. How to dress in pregnancy in spring-summer
  6. How to dress in pregnancy in autumn-winter
  7. How to dress in pregnancy in the office


 How to dress in pregnancy may seem the last of the concerns during the fateful forty weeks, but the numbers do not lie: rapid research on Google returns millions (about six and a half million, to be exact) of results, demonstrating the fact that Premaman clothing Premaman clothing is also an important aspect for the psychological (and therefore also physical) well-being of the future mother.

If we add that most women during pregnancy change something important in their lives, whether it is the haircut or the style in which they dress, here is the our guide o how to dress in pregnancy can be really useful for you!

1. When to start buying maternity clothes

Come vestirsi in gravidanza, donna incinta

One of the first doubts that assail a pregnant woman is: “What to do with my wardrobe? When should I renew it and buy the first maternity clothes?”

Well, every woman and every pregnancy is different but, in general, during the first trimester, most women's weight doesn't change, they round out their belly just a little.

It is only at the end of the third month of gestation that the waist is lost and the clothes that were used up to that moment begin to become a little uncomfortable. Our beloved jeans and trousers are starting to tighten and close more and more difficult.

In this first phase, concentrate on finding jeans and maternity trousers which, thanks to the elastic band, will accompany you throughout your pregnancy. The addition of adjustable elastic bands inside the trousers - and invisible from the outside - will allow you to adjust the garment according to the needs and changes of the body.

Most importantly, don't fall into the trap of buying women's clothing a size up because you'll end up wearing a piece that will make you feel awkward and shapeless.

From week 13 begins the second trimester which represents the most pleasant moment of pregnancy: nausea finally decreases as the weeks go by.

What does not decrease is the belly, which really starts to grow in this trimester: consider that at week 20 a pregnant woman's uterus reaches the level of her navel and in the following weeks it will increase again. Every woman is different, but in general, the belly appears later in early pregnancies than in subsequent ones.

This is precisely the quarter to invest in quality garments that will accompany you throughout your pregnancy and beyond... by choosing the right garments you can use them even after.

2. How to calculate your maternity size

Maternity garments are specially designed to accompany pregnant women: this means that you should choose your usual size.

But be careful: if you have already gained more than 10 kg at the time of purchase, you may need to take one size larger than your usual size to stay comfortable until the ninth month of pregnancy. If you don't know which size to get exactly, ask for advice in the boutique or look online for the table with the measurements: the bust and hip measurements are also provided, so just measure yourself!

Tabella taglie premaman

3. How to dress in pregnancy month by month

Abiti premaman da cerimonia con stampe floreali e colori accesi - Pietro Brunelli

First quarter

Many people don't want to break the news until at least the second quarter.

The best advice in this trimester is to put away everything that remains tight, skinny, snug: keep loose clothes in the abdomen, hips and thighs area, capable of camouflaging the few kilos gained during the first months of pregnancy. Wear loose knits, A-line or wrap skirts, gathered underbusts, and petite peplums.

Tunics are a good choice because they're tighter at the top and flowy at the waist, disguising the extra bulk.

Second quarter

You feel like you're gaining a size every couple of weeks, but you don't want to blow your budget on new clothes every month, because you know… your belly will keep rising!

The winning solution this quarter is to invest in pieces that can adapt to the changes in your body, which have details such as drapes, buttons and side or back belts that allow you to adjust the width as you gain volume.

During this period your breasts also increase in size: if you haven't already done so, now is the time to invest in quality bras. While it may be tempting to simply buy your favorite style up a size or two, you should consider the comfort and support offered by

maternity and nursing bras. Most pregnant women not only overflow the cup, but also feel tighter around the breasts.


Intimo reggiseno slip premaman



Keep in mind that maternity bras are specially designed to accommodate your new shapes and have several clips to fasten them at the back, so you can tighten and loosen them as your body changes.

You also need a variety of clothing during this time, both for work and leisure.

For work, the ideal are dresses (not close-fitting or snug, but adjustable with the belt) in formal solid colors or with a geometric print. As your tummy grows, change the position of the belt until it sits under your bust, empire style, to give the space your tummy needs.

Another useful item that you can combine in many ways: a classic flare maternity jeans in dark denim with an elastic waistband. That cut and color of pants will look good on you throughout your pregnancy and will serve you on almost any occasion, whether social or work.

Third quarter

In the last few months you feel huge and uncomfortable. Buttons, zippers and belts become torture: this is the time to try the empire-style maxi dresses, as well as all those in light jersey that reach the ankle and that you can continue to wear even after the birth of the baby.

An always very comfortable combination: a comfortable knit tunic with maternity leggings. You will feel comfortable and elegant.

If monotony tires you and you've already tried all the monochromes (black, grey, etc.) because they favor you and are practical, but you want to add a touch of fantasy to your appearance, match your accessories to the volume of your tummy! As she gets older, choose big, flashy earrings or scarves in bright colors and fancy prints.

Don't be afraid to add some drama to your look and have fun getting ready to match the clothes to your tummy.

4.How to dress in pregnancy for a ceremony

Abiti premaman da cerimonia in tessuti pregiati e colori accesi - Pietro Brunelli

When you choose your ceremony premaman dress, always keep in mind a few simple rules and you will be perfect on any occasion:

1) Always remember your style. It is true that during pregnancy the body changes, but this does not mean that your tastes must also do it: follow your instinct and always seek the right balance between elegance and comfort.

2) Choose soft and natural fabrics, especially hard pregnancy it is essential to use natural and certified fabrics for your safety and that of your child.

3) Do not forget your ever-build: if before being pregnant you would never have worn a mini-habit, why should you do it right now?

4) Whatever the choice of the dress, combine it with comfortable shoes, because if it is already difficult to arrive in the evening with stiletto heels, imagine now with the weight of your baby!

In pregnancy comfort comes first, even if you have to participate in a ceremony: look for fabrics such as Lycra, Jersey or cotton, which enhance your silhouette and stylize it, but at the same time allow you freedom of movement. And don't forget the lace, super romantic!

Among the perfect maternity dresses for ceremonies, there is undoubtedly any maternity dress that has an empire cut, which falls below the chest, elegant and very comfortable.

If it is a day wedding, the hat or the headdress cannot be missing. Those adorned with flowers and feathers add an extra romantic touch.

And on the feet? Ballerinas and sandals for the most comfortable and heels (but no more than four centimeters!) for those who don't want to give up feeling a little slimmer.

Choose a short dress with soft lines if you want to highlight your baby bump and show off your legs, while you can opt for a long maternity dress if you have an evening party ahead of you or if you want to focus on your décolleté by playing the diva of yesteryear.

For an extremely sophisticated outfit that leaves nothing to chance, wear the Salzburg dress, the great Made in Italy classic also chosen by overseas celebrities to celebrate motherhood: it is available in many colours, including the very elegant white and timeless blue.

Finally, if you want to be sure of being the center of attention and are looking for an impactful dress, you can opt for more lively shades or floral prints, which elegantly enhance the silhouette and blend perfectly with the colors of the summer season.

5. How to dress pregnant in spring-summer

Come vestirsi in gravidanza in estate, donna incinta

Being pregnant in the summer isn't easy: the heat and muggy weather are much more difficult to bear with extra kilos. If your third trimester of pregnancy coincides with the hottest months of the year, bloating, fluid retention, and difficult sleep will be present during the summer.

What is the most suitable clothing to wear in the summer when pregnant?

The ideal clothes for a summer walk are thin trousers, perhaps in light linen or cotton, and a comfortable blouse.

You should always choose natural fabrics, as they maintain a constant body temperature and prevent heat loss: linen, cotton, viscose, silk or even a mix of these materials.

In summer, colors are also important: avoid dark tones, which attract heat. It is best to wear neutral or pastel shades.

Read our article Maternity Trends Spring Summer 23 to be updated on all the new trends.

Footwear should be comfortable and made of natural material. Avoid plastic which, if overheated, can accentuate the swelling of the feet and ankles.summer dress with floral print

You'll fall in love with the trendiest styles: from flare jeans to boyfriend styles, from capris to cotton and linen denim shorts. Just wear them with the right accessories: match them with a pair of sneakers for everyday life, or sandals (even with heels) for an evening with friends. There are so many models that it is impossible not to find the perfect one for you.

maternity jeans corti

Shorts and capris to match with style:

Trendy outfits with denim shorts are inevitable in summer: short, fringed or classic to make unique combined with t-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, and even oversized blazers! Although sporty, they never lose elegance even in the linen and cotton versions combined with sneakers or sandals.

For those who don't want to dare with super shorts, the cotton capri trousers are a good compromise of style to combine with a very light viscose top or shirts turned up or knotted at the waist for a more carefree look.

maternity shirts summer

maternity shirt


It's spring! Here are the tips to have an impeccable style wherever you are: city, mountains, or sea.

Yes, because every situation corresponds to an adequate outfit, and every time we focus to look at our wardrobe to compose an outfit we should think of this golden rule.

the city looks to always be trendy

Be refined and perfect on every occasion? You can! Just take care of some details and wear clothes with lines that enhance your silhouette.

There are some garments of the female wardrobe universally recognized as a must-have that do not suffer fashions and are passepartout on multiple occasions such as a jersey dresses with a clean line, a white shirt in soft viscose, a "cropped" style trousers: put all these elements in your wardrobe and mixes with the trend of the moment and the result is guaranteed. It always focuses on clean lines and a few well-studied accessories: you will certainly be the emblem of the "class", especially in the city where the "Less is more" rule applies.

jeans premaman cotone

Mountain: what will the weather be like?

What am I wearing today?
This is our recurring question in front of the wardrobe and often the question is closely related to the temperature outside, especially if you are in the mountains where the climate often changes suddenly. "April will not discover you", ... the saying goes .... and perhaps we should think about it to make the right choice because every climatic season has in fact a precise dress code.

Here are the perfect garments and the ideal combinations depending on the climate: Green light for cotton trousers (or Milano stitch), long-sleeved shirts that are not too heavy, extra-fine cashmere cardigans.

Instead, the combination of a pair of flare jeans or boy friends with sneakers and a sweatshirt becomes a look to wear every day, in your free time.

felpa premaman colori chiari

Blue, white and red: Long live the Marinière style!

Spring brightens up the wardrobe and also the spirits: the nautical style is beautiful, and this perfectly fitting trio of colors is the evergreen of the first sunny days.

This season navy blue, white and red excel in all its shades that will color your looks with joy. But even a bright total-white will give you the guarantee of being absolutely perfect.

Always focus on the quality of the fabrics you wear such as linen and cotton because they guarantee you an optimal fit and give an extra edge to every outfit.

If you live by the sea, don't forget to bring a little beach look to your days with the timeless capris. The minidress will be fine as well as the short jumpsuit, the sleeveless and the short sleeves.

vestito premaman vacanza

Discover all the swimsuits to complete your beach look!

matternity swimming suit

"Last but not least" we close with the most important rule: don't forget your own personality. Only our very personal way of interpreting fashion and trends will give us that extra touch to be special and innovative in every context! Especially now when creativity is our ally in time management.

6. How to dress in pregnancy in the autumn-winter

In winter, the main objective of maternity clothing must be to protect you from the cold, keeping your belly warm.

Coats are a must for pregnant women in winter: opt for a maxi coat, possibly lined or padded, in neutral colours. Prefer the closure with the belt, which is easier to adjust, than with buttons or zips, which could pull on the belly.

During pregnancy, you can use scarves and maxi scarves to warm you up a bit and, at the same time, add a unique touch to your look.

As for clothing, you will surely be able to indulge yourself with knitwear: knit dresses, long cardigans to wear over bodycon dresses, maxi dresses in fleece…

Don't forget the high-waisted maternity tights that help support your tummy, match some sneakers and you're done!

7. How to dress while pregnant in the office

office looks

One of the dilemmas about clothing during pregnancy mainly concerns the office and the work environment: if you are at home or in your free time, there are no big problems, just stay comfortable!

Even in the office it is important to be well dressed, just as it is essential to be at ease. Beyond the most appropriate models for the office, there are certainly fabrics that should become your allies: wool, cotton, jersey and everything that is elastic and very comfortable.

Invest in some basic pieces, which you can combine with each other in different ways to create many office looks! Maternity trousers and leggings, preferably in dark colors, flatter the figure and give more play to office looks. A loose white shirt and cotton t-shirts will be the must-haves to spin in your looks.

Blazers, jackets and cardigans are ideal for pregnancy: if the jackets have a little shoulder pads, it's better, because in this way you compensate for the optical effect of pregnancy and you have a slimmer appearance. Vests and vests also look great on pregnant women, especially when worn over long dresses.

Speaking of long dresses: they are very versatile and always become new thanks to the accessories.

Here is a complete list with the essential items for an office look in the Maternity version:


For an important meeting or a trip to a client, put aside the usual jacket and trousers and be daring with an elegant sheath dress, a must have in your wardrobe. Choose a dress below the knee, with a detail that enhances the silhouette: puffed sleeves, shirt cuffs, belt at the waist… the important thing is to stand out with style and femininity.


In case if your work requires a formal look but you want to be remarkable you could create a refined appearance with light colors: the stretch fabric trousers has a jersey band and adjustable buttons that make it perfect for all pregnancy, while the blue shirt is a Timeless classic, accurate, simple and truly versatile. With or without a jacket, you will always be impeccable.


A practical long dress in solid color cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Hot and in soft cashmere, gently caresses your curves and adapts month after month to the changes of your body without tightening. If the maxi models do not do for you, choose a mini cashmere dress to combine with leather trousers, the great return of the season, perfect for the most informal days with colleagues.


Green light for softness: for an autumn/winter to spend behind the desk thinking about your baby on the way, there's nothing better than stocking up on soft sweaters to wear over tartan skirts or trousers. Here are the rules to follow to find the right shirt: choose it in natural and precious materials, which do not irritate the skin and are resistant even after pregnancy, and indulge yourself with colours. From more neutral tones such as gray and pink to electric blue, to never get tired and make a thousand different combinations.


From autumn to late winter, over jeans and a blouse or combined with a dress, the maxi cardigan is the must-have that you will no longer be able to do without. Stay warm without sacrificing style thanks to a faithful companion who will be with you throughout your pregnancy (and beyond) on office days and more informal occasions. The fashion of the moment? Wear it open over midi dresses with colorful prints, for a trendy look with character.

 Cardigan lungo di maglia biege - Pietro Brunelli

The last tip? Try to limit stress at work to protect your health and that of your little one, rest when your body requires it, give the right weight to commitments and meetings... and you'll be ready to face any occasion inside and outside the office always feeling comfortable and beautiful.