Maternity Jeans: Discover the most comfortable and the coolest styles of the moment

Maternity jeans with elastic waistband perfect for all stages of pregnancy

Make the trends yours: Flare, Mom, and Wide Leg. Lots of useful advice for future mothers who don't want to give up their jeans during pregnancy.

When you discover that you are expecting a child, it is natural to immediately think about everything that awaits you: nine months of pure magic. But there are also some obstacles expected: no more hectic activities, no more alcohol, we must avoid risky food and abandon some of our usual clothes, such as trousers with buttons or our beloved blue jeans.

Spread all over the world since the end of the 19th century as work clothes, jeans quickly became fashion items, that we can't do without today. Long, short, torn, frayed, cuffed, discoloured...Their versatility is unique, so why give up such an important piece of our look during pregnancy? Here's some advice for moms-to-be who don't want to hear about giving up denim.

When to start wearing maternity jeans

Often the waist starts to change from the first weeks of pregnancy: even if the belly is still imperceptible, the uterus is already starting to increase in size to accommodate our baby and wearing pants with buttons can be really annoying. Sooner or later, within the fifth month, it will be necessary to abandon the beloved blue jeans for a pair of maternity jeans, more comfortable but not necessarily less fashionable.

Maternity Jeans with Comfortable Elastic Band

Maternity Jeans for any occasion

Today, maternity jeans are no longer limited to casual wear. They are jeans suitable for every occasion, from everyday life to more formal occasions. Our maternity jeans are available in various styles, making them so versatile to be adapted to any outfit. Just wear them with the right accessories: match them with a pair of sneakers for everyday life, or with sandals (even with heels) for an evening with friends. There are so many styles that it is impossible not to find the perfect one for you.

Comfort in the foreground

When choosing your maternity jeans, the key word is comfort! Consider the fitting and the comfortableness as priorities. Choose the styles with elastic waist panels or jersey bands that adapt to your growing belly. Make sure the denim is soft and stretchy. Try different styles to find the one that makes you feel best. Remember that it will be one of the items you will use the most during pregnancy... Better to spend a little more but choose high quality and comfortable maternity jeans.

3 support systems to combine Comfort and Style

3 support systems to combine comfort and style

HIGH WAISTBAND: A jersey band that perfectly covers your belly, adapting like a second skin without compressing. Perfect from the second trimester and in the winter months.

The elastic inserts on the sides of the jeans follow the evolution of your belly from the fourth to the ninth month. Perfect for all those consumers looking for maternity jeans that don't look like maternity!

Ideal to wear from the first month of pregnancy until the ninth. It rests on your belly to support it gently.

Maternity jeans: a style for every taste

Pietro Brunelli maternity jeans are designed to be easy to wear: they have a soft jersey band that adapts to body changes and guarantees a perfect fit for everyone up to the ninth month. The function of the band is to wrap and support a growing belly, but also to enhance the shape, giving a fashionable and dynamic look.

In addition to being perfect to wear throughout your pregnancy, they can also be worn afterwards, because the models adapt to the body and not vice versa: choose the size you wore before getting pregnant and get ready to welcome them into your wardrobe permanently!

Maternity Jeans Collection


You will fall in love with the most fashionable models: from Mom jeans to Boyfriend fit, the Flare, and the Wide Leg. Discover the entire new Jeans Collection by Pietro Brunelli:

Maternity Dad Jeans

As with the Boyfriend and Mom styles, "dad's" jeans have a casual look that is decidedly comfortable but at the same time very trendy. Dad jeans fall loose on the hips and legs without tightening or highlighting the typical curves of the female body. To be strictly combined with sneakers or hiking boots.

Dad fit maternity jeans in denim

Maternity Wide Leg Jeans

Wide-leg maternity jeans are increasingly fashionable. With a relaxed fit from thigh to ankle, they offer a sporty look for mums-to-be and perfect during the summer months.

Maternity jeans with wide leg fit

Maternity Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend Jeans are ideal for a casual-chic look. With a relaxed fit and a side elastic waistband these jeans offer comfort and style.

Maternity jeans boyfriend fit

Maternity Mom Jeans

The "Mom" model maternity jeans are a 90s trend that has recently come back into fashion. They are wider along the abdomen, have a high-waisted shape, and are flared along the legs but narrower at the ankle. The difference between Mom jeans and Boyfriend jeans lies mainly in the crotch, which in the second case is lower, and obviously in the fact that boyfriend jeans have more masculine details. Another peculiarity of theirs is the slightly elasticized canvas which never adheres perfectly to the skin.

Pietro Brunelli Mom jeans have an elastic waistband that makes them very comfortable during all nine months of pregnancy.
Mom fit maternity jeans mom fit with elastic waistband

 Maternity Flare and Bootcut Jeans

Flared maternity jeans (Bootcut or Flare) are an elegant choice that is back in fashion after many years when the key trend was skinny or jeggings! With a tighter fit at the hips and a flared leg from the knee down, they offer a sophisticated and comfortable style, perfect for rebalancing new shapes.

Flared maternity jeans with elastic band

Skinny Jeans and Maternity Jeggings

Skinny jeans and jeggings are fitted along the leg and highlight your curves. They have been a "must have" for many years and are still loved by many pregnant women thanks to their super stretch fabric which makes them very comfortable.

Skinny fit maternity jeans with elastic band

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