Everything you need to know about maternity jeans

When you find you have a baby is natural to think now about all that awaits us: nine months of pure magic, experienced by walking a foot off the ground. But waiting for us there is some sacrifice: enough with the business too hectic, just with alcohol, avoid risky foods and give up some of our regular clothes such as trousers with buttons or our beloved blue jeans.

Disseminated worldwide by the end of the 800 as work clothes, jeans quickly became the fashion leaders of which today we can not do without. Long, short, torn, frayed, folded back, discolored ... Their versatility is unique, because they give up a piece so important to our look during pregnancy? < / span> Here's some advice for expectant mothers who do not want it to leave the denim.

When to start wearing maternity pants

Often the waistline begins to change already in the first weeks of pregnancy even if the belly is still imperceptible, the uterus is already starting to increase in size to accommodate our baby and wear pants with buttons can be really annoying. Sooner or later, by the fifth month, you will need to abandon his beloved blue jeans for a pair of maternity jeans, more comfortable but not necessarily less fashion.

Peter Brunelli, for example, are available in several models, which make them an item of clothing so versatile that it can adapt to any outfit. Just wear them with the right accessories: combine them in a pair of sneakers for the life of every day, or sandals (even with the heel) for an evening with friends. There are so many models that it is impossible not to find the perfect one for you.

Maternity Jeans: models for everyone

The maternity pants are designed to be easily wearable: they have a soft jersey side which favors the changes of the body and which ensures a perfect fit for all until the ninth month. The band function is to wrap and support a growing belly, but also to enhance the forms, giving an increasingly fashion and sprint look.

 Maternity jeans nice and comfy

Discover Maternity jeans

The Maternity Jeans Pietro Brunelli, as well as being perfect to wear throughout pregnancy, it can lead even after because are the models that fit to the body and not vice versa < / b>: choose the size you wore before you get pregnant and get ready to welcome them in your wardrobe on a permanent basis!

Do you love the most fashionable models: from jeans to skinny models boyfriend, from Bermuda to the patch versions applied decorations, which make them even more trendy and feminine.

Come and try your jeans Maternity in the Milan boutique in Via Fiori Chiari, 5 and all the world-famous department store.