Holidays with the bump: take advantage of the Pietro Brunelli maternity sales

July is holiday time, sea and tanning ... the more relaxed time of year you can not miss the opportunity to pamper and take care of yourself before your baby's arrival. If the destination for your next vacation is the sea or if you prefer to stay in town, the best way to deal with the summer renew your wardrobe with a maternity shopping. Take advantage of summer sales Maternity Peter Brunelli, with discounts up to 60% to get ready to go!

Maternity Dresses for beach holidays

The pregnant in the summer has many positive aspects: on the one hand the heat can be a problem, the other for once you can say goodbye to the test suit showing off proudly the sweetest forms, on the beach or in the pool. the summer invites you to discover and to choose shorts and colorful clothes made of natural fabrics, to show the growing belly without sacrificing freshness and comfort. Via also free to shorts and top with witty prints strictly marine theme.

Maternity Sale for a summer in the city

Even in summer the city acquires a charm all its own: the streets are empty, neighborhoods become more livable and everything is illuminated by a different light, more relaxed and romantic than the rest of the year. If by choice or necessity awaits summer subway, take the opportunity to feel like a diva while taking a walk in the park or the shops (always remember to avoid the hottest hours). You can renew your wardrobe by choosing a maxi dress in light fabric, or an elegant sheath dress to be worn during and after pregnancy for festivals, ceremonies and other special events. If you have already given birth do not forget the dresses and tops from breastfeeding, which can save your outfits in many occasions!

At the beach or in the city, the important thing is to always feel at ease at all stages of pregnancy and motherhood, because a body which houses a new life deserves to be dressed with style and elegance. Pietro Brunelli has the wellbeing of expectant mothers at heart, that's why realizes comfortable clothes and chic , for women who want to cure their own style without sacrificing comfort.

We encourage all pregnant women and new mothers to take advantage of the summer sales premamam with discounts up to 60% on all spring-summer 2018 collection, online and in our Milan Brera boutique on Via Fiori Chiari 5. See you there!