Traveling in pregnancy: all the tips quarter by quarter and the best maternity clothes to pack!

Yes, because no matter how many myths about pregnancy have been dispelled, some doubts still remain today: can traveling hurt the baby? Is the sea or the mountain better? Is it true that some airlines ban pregnant women from traveling?

Here are all the answers you need to enjoy your baby bump around the world, quarter by quarter.

Traveling in pregnancy in the first trimester: cuddling in the midst of nature

The first quarter is perhaps the most delicate period of pregnancy: safety measures are taken with this novelty, a new awareness grows within oneself, the body begins to change, and manifests needs never felt before. Happiness is at its maximum level and so is surprise, but the body gently asks you to slow down: sleepiness, mood swings, nausea. Nothing to worry about!

Traveling in the first trimester? It can be done! If your pregnancy is physiological and your doctor has not given you any special instructions, enjoy your holidays. The best strategy?Preferring relaxing destinations: quiet beaches, country houses, and farmhouses where you can enjoy unspoiled nature, healthy food, and some well-deserved rest away from the noise and stress of the city.

The extra advice? Bring along some anti-nausea snacks and a maternity garment to be effortlessly chic day and night.

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Traveling during pregnancy in the second trimester: room for new energy

Here is one of the most beautiful periods of pregnancy: the second trimester you will feel a new energy flowing through you. By now your body has gotten used to the new tiny guest and you feel like a flower: the second trimester is perfect to travel and enjoy time with your partner before you start to organize all the details for the birth.

It's the right time to choose your favorite city and spend a nice long weekend there: good food, walks in the historic center, romantic evenings in sweet company. The precautions are few and simple: drink lots of water, avoid walking too much or doing long queues in the hottest hours, and instead enjoy some rest in the afternoon.

The right look? The one that highlights your beautiful bump: soft and fresh clothes, maternity jeans with a stretch band or overalls for an original touch, and maxi dresses for romantic evenings with your partner.

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Travelling during pregnancy in the third trimester: sea baths and sweet relaxation

Now it's only a short time away: it's the last months of pregnancy and the belly will seem to grow more and more every day. You feel beautiful and at peace, in deep connection with this little one kicking and kicking, the weight of the belly increases and so does the desire for holidays and relaxation. But is it possible to travel during pregnancy in the third trimester? Of course, it is! Just listen to your body and follow its needs.

Perfect destination? Fill up on vitamin D on your favorite beach, remember to wear high sunscreen protection and avoid the middle hours of the day. Enjoy the relief of a cool sea bath to deflate your legs and neutralize the weight of your belly and treat yourself to fresh fruit.

Do you feel more like a mountain girl? Indulge your desire for fresh air and long naps without climbing too high: a few short walks and a breathtaking view will help you find the perfect psychophysical balance for the months to come.

Beware of airplanes: if you are a hardened traveler, be well informed about the terms of the airlines, because some of them have limitations regarding pregnant women on board and postpone the most distant and exotic destinations.

Best practice for the last trimester? When you leave, find out about the surrounding hospitals, don't overdo the small daily chores, and wear super comfy but feminine dresses: fresh dresses in 100% natural fabric, sensual blouses that don't squeeze, maxi dresses in boho chic style for the last nights as a couple. Don't forget that there are also very beautiful maternity costumes, both in bikini and one-piece versions, even reversible to have two costumes in one!

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Ready to go? Whether sea or city, day or evening, casual or super elegant, always think of the right clothing to wear on holiday for every occasion!