Pregnancy Special: I'm pregnant, what now?


cosa fare quando scopri di essere incinta

A thousand questions are crowding in my head. Should I call the gynaecologist right away? Should I stop dressing the way I like? And stop playing sports? Don't worry, pregnancy is a beautiful moment in a woman's life, full of emotions and changes, which must be taken with serenity and joy, without giving up (almost) anything.

That's why we have prepared a small list of things to do immediately and good habits to keep during these 9 intense months, including pampering yourself with the clothes of the new collection Pietro Brunelli!

Blood and Folic Acid

The pregnancy test you took at home is positive and so is the second one, the one done "just in case". The tests bought in the pharmacy are now very reliable if they are carried out in the right way. It still doesn't seem real to you? You can also do blood tests to have your doctor assess Beta HCG, the hormone of pregnancy. Contact your family doctor, who will also prescribe folic acid for you to start taking right away!

The First Visit to the Gynecologist

In general, it is better to schedule the first visit with the gynaecologist between the 8th and 12th week of pregnancy. When you schedule your visit also ask which blood tests are done for the first trimester, so that you will have them ready at the first meeting: they will be a useful basis to assess how your pregnancy started and make it proceed in the best way.

On this occasion, the first ultrasound will also be done to identify the embryo and its heartbeat: a truly exciting moment for every future parent.

Get rid of the bad habits

Alcohol, smoking, late nights... it's time to start taking care of yourself and your body seriously. Reducing bad habits and embracing a healthier lifestyle is the best thing you can do for yourself and your baby. Eat healthy, rest, start doing a sport that will accompany you gently throughout your pregnancy, such as yoga, pilates or swimming. Just a few small things are enough to enjoy a happy, stress-free pregnancy. Ask your gynaecologist for advice: he will dispel many of your fears and you will find that you can safely continue with most of the activities that are part of your life.

Pamper yourself with the right maternity clothes

Your body will change during pregnancy: learn how to enhance it and enjoy it with the fashion style that suits you best. With the right beauty pampering and a maternity wardrobe that will enhance you, you will be able to experience your new forms with joy, tranquillity, and glamour! In order not to lose your style and remain chic and elegant even during pregnancy, entrust yourself to the collections of Pietro Brunelli, the designer who dedicates his creations to all pregnant women.

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