Myths and legends in pregnancy: here are 5 folktales to be debunked immediately

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Do not dye your hair, do not eat raw fish, avoid heels or tight clothes ... those "scientifically proven" to those invented from scratch, here are the  5 most common false myths about pregnancy.

1. If the stomach is high and round it will be a girl, if it's pointed it's a boy

Let's say it right away: you can not determine the sex of the baby from the belly shape, it's just an urban legend. So before you decorate the room and prepare a mono-color baby shower, trust your doctor!

  2. If you don't immediately satisfy a desire, the baby will be born in spots

Feeling like strawberries, ice cream, fried ... this is the most widespread. But beware, there is no correlation between food cravings and stains on baby's skin. In pregnancy, you may be subject to some bizarre desires, it is true, but it's just the body trying to communicate what it needs, no need to worry.

3. During pregnancy, no physical activity!

The great anxiety of expectant mothers: avoid sudden movements, give up sport. But this is just a cliché: being active is fundamental to keep fit and healthy. A piece of advice? Choose the most gentle movements: yoga, swimming and long walks (always after consulting a doctor).

4. You're pregnant? You can not travel by air

Holiday time: everyone leaves but you are afraid to take the plane while you're pregnant. It's time to debunk that myth too! Talk about it with your gynecologist, they will reassure you: travelling by air has no contraindications for pregnancy, it just is not possible after the seventh month to avoid the risk of a high-altitude labor.

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  5. No more style and glamour: sad and shapeless tunics are waiting for you

In most maternity stores the view is quite disheartening: it seems impossible to combine comfort and style. You must therefore resign and set aside your femininity? Absolutely not, just know where to look.

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Discover the Pietro Brunelli Maternity collection: style and glamour for every mom


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