Pietro Brunelli Sales: discover the items that accompany you throughout your pregnancy

The winter sales are an unmissable opportunity to pamper yourself. During pregnancy, however, shopping can turn into a complicated time. It is important to feel comfortable at all stages of pregnancy and motherhood, because a body that is home to a new life is wonderful and deserves to be dressed with style and elegance. That's the advice of the designer Pietro Brunelli for all expectant mothers:

If you are in the first quarter

This phase is the most delicate, both physically and emotionally: the surprise, joy, fear ... But if there are no morning sickness remedies, you can do something to your mood: Shopping! He begins to choose the soft clothes and natural fabrics in anticipation of the coming months. The jeans with waist band are an indispensable leader, to match your top forever.

If you are in the second quarter

The energy you seeping from every pore, can not wait to tell everyone and start fantasizing about names, bedrooms and three walks. It is time to enhance the curves, because you've never been so beautiful: the Salzburg dress is a classic, perfect to match your smile.

If you are in the third quarter

It's all true, soon embrace your baby! While steps disbelief impatience remember that there are still many things to do before being overwhelmed by this new adventure. In this period it is important to think of convenience: the Pietro Brunelli Maternity collection will be your secret weapon to always be stylish without sacrificing comfort.

If you feed

Your baby has arrived like a tsunami catalyzing all your love and your attention. The time for shopping remains little, which is why it is crucial to arm themselves of the right allies to never give up style: Pietro Brunelli has created for the occasion a series of tops and sweatshirts for breastfeeding, which will enhance your femininity even when will not have time even to put on mascara!

Now that you're ready for winter sales, please come Brera in Milan in our boutique in Via Fiori Chiari 5, and in all the world famous department store.