How to Prepare for a Baby Shower

For some years now, among expectant mothers is gaining a new trend, which comes directly from the US: the Baby Shower. If you miss a chance to celebrate, it is also true that pregnancy is a time of joy and rightly celebrate the future parents, who share their happiness with your loved ones. So green light to pastel-colored balloons, diaper cakes, tasty pastries and other festivities in grand style. Let's find out the origins of this tradition and how best to prepare.

The origins of the Baby Shower

The custom of organizing a welcome party for prospective parents has spread to the United States after World War II, at the baby boom. In a short time it has become a real institution, as to be exported to different countries around the world, including Italy.

The term "shower" is to be understood as real "shower" for the baby gifts and his mom : while parents party receives everything that can be useful to the baby : from clothes to toys, but also the crib, highchair, stroller and more (in this regard, it is not uncommon to prepare "lists birth," very similar to the "wedding list"). And if the party was originally reserved for women only, today also attended by the father and all the friends who want to share with prospective parents the joy of the new arrival.

If you think a consumerist celebration, think already in the ancient world they used to celebrate pregnancy and childbirth with sacred rituals : the ancient Egyptians and Romans were the first to celebrate this occasion with parties and propitiatory rites.

Baby Shower: the perfect dress for pregnant women

Although the protagonist of the event is the baby on the way, during the Baby Shower great attentions are turned to the mother, which becomes the true center of the party. And if for decorations and food you can rely on the help of friends, it is important to focus first on the look to feel beautiful and radiant even in the last days of pregnancy.

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Whatever the outfit you choose, remember to put always come first comfort, because they feel beautiful and comfortable is the only secret to the successful Perfect Baby Shower! You just have to relax and enjoy the party, pampering yourself and your child with gifts and affection of friends and family.