The elegance and versatility of Pietro Brunelli collections conquer all women!

Why choose the style Pietro Brunelli?

Pietro Brunelli has quickly established itself in the world of women's fashion thanks to its beautiful and its innovative ideas . One of the concepts to which the designer has more tied his name is that of a clothing that can be used by all women , not just those who are experiencing the wonderful period of motherhood.

The leaders Pietro Brunelli are designed for women (even before the mother) and have the goal of enhance the femininity and enhance so the beautiful delicate curves . The innovative line elements guarantee elegance and comfort on every occasion, such as the Jersey end for jeans or very comfortable elastic bands for clothing and down jackets, which allow leaders to adapt to changes in the body.

The clothing Pietro Brunelli lines are therefore designed with the express purpose of pass the psychological barrier dress "purely Maternity", becoming clothes that will not only dress expectant mothers, but also all women who are not pregnant and continue to follow the news of the brand, because conquered by the designer's creations.

Suits Pietro Brunelli: elegance, style and comfort for all women.

One of the most significant examples of how Pietro Brunelli has thought about appropriate clothing for every woman is represented by clothes: elegant, 100% Made in Italy and always fashionable are ideal for a ceremony, a chic evening or just for a fun walk with her friends. In the autumn / winter 2017/2018 collection, in fact, they could not miss the Velvet , warm and soft, and the lace , elegant and sensual.

The goal of Pietro Brunelli is, therefore, to be a reference point for all women , and not mothers, thanks to a A unique clothing line can adapt perfectly to the shape enhancing the beauty and sensuality in every period of life with joy and refinement.

Discover the style and practicality of clothes Pietro Brunelli in the Milan boutique in Via Fiori Chiari 5, online and in all major world famous Departement Store.