Pietro Brunelli Maternity Jeans: choose the maximum of comfort in the world of denim!

Pietro Brunelli Maternity Jeans, a denim revolution in the universe!

Pietro Brunelli jeans are a must have for all the mothers who do not want to compromise on style, femininity and comfort before, during and after the wonderful period of gravidanza.Scegliere the size is very simple: they are the leaders in adapting to new forms and not vice versa, that's why you have to buy the measure you had before pregnancy.

How to choose the right jeans? The important thing is to be comfortable!

The designer has created a A low-rise jeans line ( "under belly") with the innovative Jersey band that supports the belly until the last month ensures maximum comfort , not preventing pregnant women to do normal daily activities, and 's triggering the silhouette through high-quality stitching and special details < / b> as the fraying on the bottom and cut edges, one of the trends for this winter.

Quality of materials and sleek design, suitable for any time of the day!

jeans Pietro Brunelli are totally Made in Italy : are made with quality fabrics that guarantee the seal over time and do not have harmful substances that can cause annoying irritation to the delicate skin of expectant mothers. You adapt to different occasions of use : combined with a pull soft and elegant are impeccable for output mundane of fun , while paired with a hooded prints spirits are perfect for the life of every day , always with comfort and style.

As in every moment of life of all women, it is important to feel beautiful and be able to show others without being uncomfortable, especially in the sensitive period of motherhood. For this jeans low Pietro Brunelli life are meant to be used in any situation: before, during and after pregnancy , revealing also perfect as a "post-pregnancy jeans" and extolling gently curves, making you feel sexy and fashionable moms of all ages.

Once you try the jeans Pietro Brunelli you can not do without their comfort and fit! Discover all the models online or in our Boutique in Milan in Via Fiori Chiari 5.