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Woman Collection: Sweaters and Cardigans

Thanks to the Pietro Brunelli knitwear selection, you have the opportunity to dress with class and personality on any occasion. Choose the most classic models for everyday life, dare with alatest fashion topa for a glamorous look that makes you feel the center of attention..

All the garments in the collection are made of high quality fabrics and destined to last a long time, beyond the current fashion. Have it in your wardrobea leader Pietro Brunelli it means having an unmistakable style, which always puts elegance and femininity at the center, with an eye to comfort. Thus, you will be at ease on any occasion, perfect for the office or for an afternoon with friends, but also for a weekend away or for an evening with friends. Choose the one that's right for you from the selection of shirts and get ready to be irresistible..

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