Style Tips: Find out what to VIPs wear during their pregnancy

vip pregnant maternity dress peter brunelli

The expectant is one of the best periods in the life of a woman. What's better to exploit new forms? Our clothes and our jeans are designed for this very reason. To enhance the beauty of women throughout the maternity . For several years Pietro Brunelli dresses Italian and foreign VIPs of big and small screen . Here's what they chose ...

Dress maternity lightweight comfortable VIP

Sofia Markina, one of Russia's Influencers of the moment, wearing the dress Audrey cracks with scarves neck. A light, flowing dress, perfect for any stage of pregnancy.
 lodovica comello jersey Maternity BOY pregnancy announcement
lodovica comello, presenter of Italy's Got Talent announces her pregnancy with a snap posted on her social networks wearing the Maglia Meribel, in m isto wool and cashmere with written "It's a Boy".
 Maternity vip suit pregnant
Special clothing mixed wool and cashmere with oversized fit to be worn before, during and after pregnancy. Extreme comfort without sacrificing style!
Laura Barriales Maternity jeans elastic band
Try the beloved jeans Laura Barriales! Members and super comfy are perfect until the last day of pregnancy! Many washes available ... pick your favorite!

Costanza Caracciolo pregnancy pregnant abio Maternity
Costanza Caracciolo, wife of former tissue and Christian Vieri for his pregnant Salzburg chooses the dress, a t ubino elegant and sophisticated Maternity. Its particular sleeve-shaped pink dress made him the most beloved by mothers Italian and foreign VIPs.

 Dress stylish and lightweight women's maternity VIP

Midi Dress feminine and elegant that enhances the waist without scoring. smooth and silky fabric that accompanies the forms.


 pregnant VIP Maternity dress printed elegant sophisticated
The famous Russian actress Ekaterina Vulichenko wearing a maxi dress with buttons and waist belt signed Peter Brunelli. The delicacy of the press and the soft and comfortable fabric make this dress a must-have.
VIP barbara d'urso pregnant maternity dress
Even in the television studios of Five afternoon with Barbara d'Urso, Paola Caruso wearing our best-seller: the Salzburg dress, this time in the version with long sleeves.