Chiara Maci and Ramona Amodeo, VIP mothers for Pietro Brunelli

Chiara Maci Ramona Amodeo , famous faces from the small screen and the web, show themselves in all their radiant beauty while wearing the leaders Pietro Brunelli that show their beautiful shapes so delicate, elegant, feminine, extolling the beauty typical of pregnancy .

Ramona Amodeo was conquered by the soft velvet Made in Italy dress "Elisa", suitable for an elegant evening, and < span> nice floral motifs that decorate the "Sirmione" dress, ideal for output between friends. Chiara Maci instead, chose the comfortable jeans Maternity and the softness of the sweater "Venice", in addition to ' elegance and style robe "Sirmione", worn during a challenge in the kitchen, environment in which it is at home.
Two beautiful and successful women who have chosen the clothes Pietro Brunelli at a special time of their lives making, therefore, memorable.
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