New Maternity Collection Trends

Sequins iridescent, embroidery handmade decorations , emblem of the Made in Italy take shape with imaginative representations of small animals on dresses and pull by the brilliant colors.

Applications depicting the enchanted world of the forest and its inhabitants: Owls , squirrel Porcupines , rabbits are represented on the fine fabrics printed silks , lane and viscous brightly colored, with colors ranging from lime yellow to electric blue.

Mood 70s

You reinterpret silhouettes of seventies with short dresses to wear in combination with boots High knee opaque tights or microfiber. Geometric prints and a palette of bright colors such as fuchsia, orange and electric blue characterize these clothes from flared cutting or with body egg .

Maxi pull and leather pants

For the most fashionable moms could not miss the maxi pull and dress mini to take with the trendissimi pants and skirt skin , internally lined with a soft, breathable cotton to ensure maximum quality and comfort.