How to dress in summer during pregnancy: discover the new Pietro Brunelli maternity collection

The spring and summer are upon us, and the next will be a special season, one that will see you beaming expecting your child or, even better, holding him in her arms. For certain appointments must be prepared to find, then we discover together the new collection of Maternity clothing Pietro Brunelli 2018 that fugherà any doubt about what to wear in the summer pregnancy.

Maternity wear and more

The entire collection of maternity clothes is meant to dress a woman who does not want to sacrifice femininity and style during the most important period of his life: and behold, we find fine clothes maternity decorated by saucy details, perfect for a weekend away, but for the life of every day in the city. Just wear your dress preferred to feel beautiful and sure of yourself on all occasions, with or without belly: all collections Pietro Brunelli, in fact, are designed to be worn before and after pregnancy, with shapes and fabrics naturally follow the shape of your body.

Pregnancy in summer: is the maritime style maxi trend of the season

Pregnancy and motherhood represent a moment of great serenity, which is also right to show off with their clothing: bold prints and colorful bring us immediately in the holiday mood thanks to the warm and bright tones and the inevitable blue sea. The maternity fashion so takes on new shades, all not to be missed. The most glamorous moms will love the funny lobsters, seahorses and fish embroidered by hand or applied on the shirts and shirts, but also those who prefer a more classic style will be pleasantly surprised.

Password: light

The designer Pietro Brunelli know that the beauty of expectant mothers should be enhanced without adding weight, which is why the fabrics chosen for the clothes of the new maternity collection are natural, such as light cottons, Tencel and poplin of great and fresh volumes, which put comfort first. Inevitable linen, declined on mini dress and casual shirts, and vertical lines, which will be the largest must-summer 2018 and will help make it your own style at this moment so special.

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